Zero Waste Consulting

Green Earth certified spaces are environmentally responsible and resource efficient, turning waste into savings and added income streams. We’ll show you how to reduce the risk of pollution, cut greenhouse gases, and add more value to your organization and community.

The availability of landfills is diminishing, and our society faces the unprecedented challenge of dealing with waste management and removal. Let us be your resource to support and develop environmentally sound waste removal programs to fit your needs and goals.


Our certification program demonstrates to the world your business’s commitment to supporting sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint, and caring for our planet.

There are four phases of the Zero Waste Certification process:


We will gather and analyze commodity weights, financial data mapping, and existing recycling and waste processes.

What to expect:

  • A detailed site evaluation
  • Observation of collection
  • Workflow of all waste initiatives
  • Observation of procedures
  • Observation of messaging

PhaseProcess Change & Implementation

During this stage we will engage your organization’s stakeholders and introduce the newly devised waste diversion strategy. The intent is to have this strategy trained at all levels of the organization for maximum engagement in achieving the company’s Zero Waste goal.

What to expect:

  • Preparation of deliverables and training materials
  • All-level staff training on new processes


At this stage, your organization has implemented a unique approach to practicing sustainability, and you are ready to dive in deep to achieve the Zero Waste Certification. All levels of staff are thoroughly trained and prepared for collection management designed for your facility’s needs and all are prepared to execute and follow through.

What to expect:

  • Staff members hold themselves accountable for best practices
  • Expectations and workflow are well-known, and resources provided for education


Your organization has come so far on this journey to Zero Waste, and the final step is the Certification phase. Green Earth will continue to act as your primary point of contact as you transition into a Zero Waste Certified organization, also facilitating the actual certification. We will prepare all necessary documentation and complete a pre-certification audit to make sure all processes are on track for success.

What to expect:

  • An in-depth audit in preparation for success
  • Answering any final questions on processes and integration
  • Receipt of your company’s Zero Waste Certification!

Source Reduction

A crucial part of waste prevention is reducing waste at the source. We plan methods catered to your facility to reuse or donate items, options to buy in bulk, ways to reduce packaging, and even to reduce toxic output. At Green Earth Sustainable Solution, “We Care for Your World” is at the core of everything we do.

Eliminating Non-Essentials

We look for opportunities to streamline processes and reduce product consumption without compromising the quality your customers are familiar with.

Reduce Packaging Waste

Over-packaging is a common dilemma which increases your company's waste production. A simple redesign can diminish your waste stream and lower cost.

Selective Purchasing

Sustainable swaps reduce single-use items, saving money and resources. Buying items in bulk when available reduces packaging and waste output. We carry out innovative solutions to improve sustainability from every aspect.