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Project Overview

Zero Waste Certification

Of the 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) collected from North Americans in 2018, about 50% consisted of landfill material. In service of our mission statement, We Care for Your World, Green Earth Sustainable Solution has implemented the following program designed to lead the way to more sustainable practices and curb landfill waste at the downtown San Jose location of ReadySpaces. Our services are designed to be customized to meet the client and facility's needs; this is the ReadySpaces Road Map to Zero Waste certification.

After an in-depth, personalized Assessment phase in which we evaluated current operations and established a waste output baseline, Green Earth provided all receptacles for the recycling center including those used throughout the building for collection. This is the Design and Education stage where company stakeholders are engaged as we introduce new, unique diversion strategies. This ReadySpaces recycling center is now prepared to accept and properly dispose of the following goods:

Sustainability is the essential phase three of the ReadySpaces Zero Waste certification goal. As we begin to record, track, and report data, company-wide commitment is integral. Engagement and accountability keep ReadySpaces continuing the Road to Zero Waste.

The Road to Zero Waste is not without obstacles, and no two organizations are equal. To show proper locations and methods of disposal at the ReadySpaces recycling center, signage is posted with every bin. Security cameras are also installed to curtail misuse and any potential vandalism. Green Earth is prepared to handle any challenges faced on the path to sustainability.

  • Trash
  • Mixed Recycling
  • Wood
  • E-Scrap
  • Food Waste (Compost)
  • Clothing
Weekly Cleaning and Disinfectant Services

At ReadySpace, the culmination of different customers created the need for deep-cleaning and disinfecting services. On a weekly basis, Green Earth provided a three-step approach with emphasis on High Touch Surfaces (HTS), consisting of:

Ultraviolet treatment

High-Intensity Ultraviolet Light Unit

Powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold and other health hazards.
Light wipe down with soap and water or IPA

(Spray Mist and rags)

Identifying high-touch environmental surfaces that have become contaminated with virus from large droplets and using hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectants.
Disinfect with approved and registered solutions

(Electric Static Sprayer)

Spraying assures more even coverage of surfaces including assisting to cover evenly and efficiently with disinfecting chemicals
By investing in this level of maintenance, ReadySpaces was able to assure their customers and employees’ safety and well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Recycling Center Management

A total of 9.6112 tons of materials were collected during the first month of the ReadySpaces program; this offered an exciting opportunity for potential landfill diversion. Green Earth arrived at the end of each day to collect materials and prepare receptacles for next day's use. A baler was also installed onsite to maximize space efficiency. A small, fenced area was constructed to store and remove assets.


Over a six-month tracking and reporting period, Green Earth noted a 43% increase in cardboard materials diverted from landfill.

Considering that paper and paperboard products comprised 23.05% of generated MSW in 2018, this is an acute accomplishment.

Mixed Metals

ReadySpaces also saw significant achievement in their diversion of mixed metal materials with an impressive 70% increase over the same duration; metal components encompassed 8.76% of MSW in 2018. A total of 15.193 tons of wood scraps were salvaged at ReadySpaces; given that the 2018 MSW was 8.32% wood materials, ReadySpaces is now doing their part to eliminate landfill waste.


After six months of collective energy and ingenuity, ReadySpaces attains a diversion rate of 75% and are well on their way to Zero Waste.

Green Earth Sustainable Solution will stay on board as we work to institute eligibility for Zero Waste Certification. We prepare for the audit with consistent management and maintenance of the entire process.

The effort is well worth the endeavor when your company is ready to lead the way as an authority in waste prevention and landfill diversion.