Sustainability Management

Green Earth provides innovative solutions for waste management and landfill diversion options designed to benefit your business as well as our planet. We focus on continuous improvement and challenge every aspect of sustainability.

In pursuit of global environmental sustainability.


Recyclable commodities are gathered, consolidated at our facility, and transferred to GRRO- certified recycling markets for responsible processing.

We also have an electronic recycling and recovery program to recuperate metals and other materials. Lithium-ion batteries can also be recycled; our responsible methods are efficient and cost-effective. These efforts conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, conserve landfill space, and create jobs.


Waste prevention is the best way to reduce landfill waste and protect the environment from harmful emissions. Reuse and re-purpose practices are sustainable for the environment and effectively save your company money. We specialize in creating individualized solutions to meet the needs of your business while having a positive influence on the environment.

Leverage Your Resources

Often neighborhoods and communities have opportunities to donate and collect secondhand goods; this is effective for seldom used items, or those needed short-term. Reusing and repurposing on a local basis is cost-effective and drastically moderates shipping and freight emissions.

Swap Single-use Items for Reusable

Consider the environmental impact of disposable goods and instead select sustainable alternatives. Plastic silverware, coffee cups, and filters take a tremendous journey around the world - to be dumped in landfills after one use. Reusable items significantly curtail landfill waste, save on shipping emissions, and lessen company spending.

Proper Recycling Practices

In 2018, 75% of recycled plastic in North America went to landfill. Our goal is to train all levels on the specifics of your municipality’s regulations to keep the organization as a whole working toward becoming a Zero Waste facility. We’ll also provide collection materials to standardize the process.

Propriety Destruction

Our certified destruction solutions ensure secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible product elimination. Our services include the decommission of sensitive equipment or products, we guarantee they won't be reused in any way.